Signs Your Dentures Need to Be Replaced By Alex Hecht on May 28, 2018

Hand holding a partial dentureFull and partial dentures have been around for several decades, and they are still the most widely used tooth replacement option. This restorative dentistry treatment offers many benefits, including affordability and improved oral functions.

Today’s prostheses are crafted from high-quality dental materials. Even so, they will need to be replaced at some point. How can you tell when it is time? Today, the team at Staten Island Aesthetic & Implant Dentist in Staten Island, NY discuss common signs your dentures need to be replaced.

Understanding the Lifespan of Your Prosthesis

There are several factors that can affect the lifespan of your dentures. However, on average, full and partial dentures are designed to last between seven and 10 years.

During this time, most patients require relines approximately every two years to maintain proper fit and function. Individuals who have been wearing the same set of dentures for 10 years or more should routinely have their prostheses assessed by a dental professional.

Your Dentures Have Become Loose or Wobbly

One of the most common warning signs that your dentures need to be replaced is a noticeable change in fit. Many patients will find that while their denture fit snugly when it was first placed, it has become loose over time.

What causes this? When natural teeth are gone, the underlying bone structure will slowly deteriorate over time. As these changes occur, the dentures often begin to shift or slip out of place, making every day routines, such as eating and speaking, rather difficult.

As a result, many patients wear their dentures less and less. Unfortunately, this can have detrimental effects as well; if your dentures are not worn on a regular basis, they could fit too tightly.

Sudden Discomfort or Chronic Pain

Dentures do more than replace teeth. They also open the bite and place the jaws in a favorable position. This keeps the jaw joints relaxed and helps to avoid chronic issues like temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD).

However, as the underlying bone continues to change over time, the bite can become altered, as well. This can lead to jaw pain, headaches, earaches, tinnitus, orofacial nerve pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, or back pain. If you notice any of these symptoms, it could actually indicate that you need a new set of dentures.

Your Dentures Are Difficult to Keep Clean

Although dentures are made to be resilient, they will break down over time. As a result, small hairline cracks and fractures may appear. Unfortunately, bacteria like to hide in these crevices. This can lead to a host of issues, such as oral infections.

In addition, some patients notice food gets trapped underneath their dentures. This is due to the ongoing changes in the underlying jawbone. If you find that your dentures are difficult to keep clean, it may be time to replace them.

Broken Dentures

If a denture is broken, it can cause a number of serious oral health concerns. Therefore, a broken prosthesis should be taken in to a dental professional as soon as possible for assessment.

If a tooth has chipped off or broken, it can often be repaired by a dental lab. However, if the break is in the denture base, you may require a new prosthesis.

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