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All-on-4 Dental Implants

Have you been told you aren't a candidate for traditional dental implants because of jawbone deterioration? You still have options.

All-on-4® implants from Staten Island Aesthetic & Implant Dentist can support a lifelike denture without preparatory bone grafting.

Learn how our Staten Island, NY, implant dentists can restore your smile with All-on-4 dental implants.

Dental Implants Protect the Health of Your Jawbone

The roots of a natural tooth stimulate your jawbone. Without those tooth roots, your jawbone begins to deteriorate in that area. Widespread bone loss can cause wrinkled skin around your mouth and other signs of aging, among other issues. Dental implants are the only treatment that can prevent your jawbone from weakening after tooth loss. 
Diagram of how All-on-4 implants anchor a denture to the jawbone

Implant posts mimic the function of tooth roots to maintain the health of your jaw and your facial appearance while also helping to prevent the need for further dental work. The dental implants fuse with the jaw tissue in a process called osseointegration, making them part of your anatomy and acting as a stable base for a restoration like a denture.

Though this advantage applies to both traditional dental implants and All-on-4 implants, many patients prefer the All-on-4 technique for its unique benefits.

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Are you wondering whether All-on-4 is the right choice for you? The father-son dental team at Staten Island Aesthetic & Implant Dentist can provide a thorough assessment of your options at no charge. 

Dr. Alex Hecht has been successfully placing and restoring dental implants for Staten Island patients for over three decades. His son, Dr. Jason Hecht, is a master implantologist and a founding member of the implant study club at the NYU College of Dentistry. They have advanced training in the latest dental implant techniques and technologies. Both are fellows of the prestigious International Congress of Oral Implantologists.

Dr. Alex Hecht and Dr. Jason Hecht
Dr. Alex Hecht and Dr. Jason Hecht

Our dentists can provide you with All-on-4 implants and a customized denture to improve your quality of life. To request your free consultation with a highly qualified implantologist, contact us online or call us at: 

(718) 705-4434

“I Am So Happy I Went There” 5-Star Reviews From Happy Patients


michele Mason


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Today was my first time visiting Staten Island Aesthetic and Implants. I went to them for a consultation about a lateral dental implant and I have to say they were amazing. From the moment I sat down in the chair, Taylor and Dr Alex answered any and all of my questions/concerns truthfully and with incredible knowledge. I am so happy I went there for a second opinion and will be definitely seeing them again in the future. Thank you so much to the staff!

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David Kohina


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My experience with Dr. Jason Hecht was the best doctor-patient relationship I have ever experienced. He is extremely knowledgeable and skilled, a great communicator and always took the time to answer all of my questions, addressed my concerns and relieved my anxiety. Not only that but when I had an emergency Dr. Jason Hecht went out of his way to assist and accommodate me. He also followed up after my procedure and was prompt in returning my calls. I cannot recommend Dr. Jason Hecht enough!

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See How the All-on-4 Technique Works

Your Staten Island dentist will place four implant posts to support your lifelike denture. The two posterior posts will be placed at a 45-degree angle to maximize contact with your jaw tissue. The All-on-4 technique allows many patients to skip preparatory bone grafting surgery and enjoy a quicker recovery than traditional dental implant surgery.

Who Is a Good Candidate For All-on-4 Implants?

Your dentist will explain the factors that can affect your candidacy for All-on-4 dental implants during your free consultation. Some of these factors include:

Significant Tooth Loss

Candidates for All-on-4 implants are missing a full arch of natural teeth along their upper or lower dental arch. At most, they require minimal tooth extraction prior to treatment. If you are missing just one tooth or a few teeth, your dentist can recommend an alternative treatment, such as an implant-supported crown or bridge. Different areas of tooth loss on one or both dental arches can be restored with a partial denture.

Degree of Jawbone Atrophy

While All-on-4 implants are an excellent choice for patients who do not want to or cannot undergo bone grafting due to osteoporosis, age, or other reasons, this technique still requires that you have a sufficient amount of jawbone tissue for successful treatment. Your dentist will assess the condition of your jawbone during your consultation.

Good Overall Health

Some preexisting conditions, including heart disease and uncontrolled diabetes, and the use of nicotine products can lead to unsuccessful implant treatment. We recommend getting these conditions under control and stopping the use of nicotine products altogether before considering this procedure. Patients must also be in good dental health before receiving implants. Your dentist can determine whether you need any preparatory dental work such as tooth extraction before your procedure.

Understanding All-on-X Dental Implants


Our goal is to create a treatment that works for your individual needs. We offer All-on-X dental implants, a related full arch solution that uses one or two additional implant posts. This treatment uses the same advanced angling technique as All-on-4, but can benefit patients who require added stability for their implant-supported denture. Contact our Staten Island, NY, practice to learn more about the benefits of All-on-X.

The All-on-4 Timeline

When receiving All-on-4 with our dentists in Staten Island, NY, your treatment timeline will typically involve these steps:
The All-on-4 technique allows many patients to enjoy a quicker recovery than traditional dental implant surgery.
The All-on-4 technique allows many patients to enjoy a quicker recovery than traditional dental implant surgery.

Initial Consultation

One of our Staten Island, NY, dentists will assess your overall dental health, determine your need for preparatory dental treatments, and explain which dental implant treatment method is right for you during your first meeting.


Before your All-on-4 placement procedure, our dentist will administer anesthesia to ensure your comfort. If you have dental anxiety or trouble sitting for extended periods, we can provide calming oral or nitrous sedation to help you relax during treatment.

Implant Placement

Your dentist will insert four implant posts in strategic areas along your jaw. The two posterior implants will be carefully angled to maximize contact with your jawbone. 

Temporary Denture

Once your implants are secured, your dentist will attach a durable, natural-looking temporary denture to restore the function of your smile while your permanent implant-supported denture is being fabricated.

Permanent Denture

Once your custom permanent denture is ready, you will return to our Staten Island office for the last step in your treatment process. Your dentist will remove the temporary denture and attach your permanent denture, which will be made from high-quality material that is virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth in both appearance and function.

The Cost of All-on-4 Implants

Because every patient has unique needs, the cost of dental implant treatment with the All-on-4 method can vary widely. For example, the need for any preparatory work and additional sedation during your procedure can affect the total cost of your implant treatment.

These are two common methods our patients use to make All-on-4 treatment an affordable option:


Most dental insurance plans do not cover the cost of All-on-4 or traditional implants; however, you may receive at least partial coverage for your implant-supported denture. Our staff will be happy to reach out to insurance providers on your behalf.

Flexible Financing

After we estimate the cost of your dental implant treatment during your free consultation, we can work with you to create a personalized financing plan based on your needs. Your plan can help you divide the total cost of treatment into manageable installments.

"They Gave Me Back My Smile" More Glowing Reviews for Our Staten Island Practice


Joseph Saccone


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Love my new teeth! Everyone from Dr.'s to entire staff was great. Especially Jackie. She always calls to see how your feeling after big procedures and always very accommodating to any needs or concerns you have. I highly recommend Dr. Hecht if your considering implants! You definitely won't be disappointed!

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Daniel Diaz


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An absolutely wonderful experience. The entire office is so professional and kind, they gave me back my smile thank you for your amazing service. They are truly the best and I highly recommend them.

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Dr. Alex Hecht and Dr. Jason Hecht

Staten Island Aesthetic & Implant Dentist

Our family-run practice, led by Dr. Alex Hecht and Dr. Jason Hecht, is guided by compassionate and genuine care for our patients. Several distinctions set us apart:

  • Creating beautiful smiles since 1978
  • One of the largest practices in the region
  • Excellence in treating even the most complex cases
  • Advanced cone beam computed tomography (CT) scanner
  • Dedication to continuing education
  • Incorporation of the latest techniques

To set up a consultation or learn more about our services, reach out to our office online or call (718) 705-4434.

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