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Invisalign® is the Clear Alternative to Braces


Invisalign® is a revolutionary orthodontic system that is a great option for many patients who dislike certain aspects of traditional braces. At Staten Island Aesthetic & Implant Dentist, Drs. Jason and Alex Hecht provide Invisalign® to patients who want a discreet, comfortable, removable method of orthodontic alignment. This treatment option is comparable in price and treatment time to traditional braces as well.

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Dr. Jason Hecht: What Invisalign does is it can give us those straight teeth. By name Invisalign, it's invisible. It's a thin transparent plastic that goes over the teeth and transforms the teeth in a matter of months or a year. It can give those straight teeth. And the process is fairly simple. You would come in. We take some photographs and we take some impressions, and we end up with a miracle type of thing where we see their teeth on a computer screen starting from where their teeth are right now, where there's one tooth is this way, one tooth this way, and we end up with like a short video showing how the tooth gets slowly moved with each successive tray in Invisalign that the person is wearing. So the patient simply comes in every month and gets new trays to wear. They just put it in over the teeth, snaps right in, and each one of those trays is a little bit more and more closer to the end result of what they're looking for. Dr. Alex Hecht: It's very similar to orthodontics, to regular braces with those regular braces with wires and with springs achieve the same thing. There's a certain amount of the teeth that acts as an anchor, and a few of the teeth are moved a little bit at a time. And the Invisalign system does the same exact thing. If there are 17 that have to be moved, they don't all get moved at the same time. It uses the same exact principles as braces.

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