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Bob Imparato describes his experience at Staten Island Aesthetic & Implant Dentist. Bob received a dental implants and restorations that he is overjoyed with. He would recommend Dr. Alex and Jason Hecht and their friendly staff to anyone.

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Dr. Hecht had a symposium one night and brought a few people in. And I said, "You know what, I'm going to try him out." I went in there and he explained every possible avenue that you could take in order to replace missing teeth. And I saw this thing with the implants. I mean, I always thought an implant was a little tiny nail that they put in there, and they just put a tooth on. And I didn't realize it was so involved. End result was it just looked so great. My biggest fear was how I was going to feel after the implant was done. Here I am, about six or eight months later, my partial on the bottom has been completely removed. And all the teeth that were remaining from my regular teeth were extracted by Dr. Hecht. And then, from that point on, they proceeded to do a little bit of bone graft, which sounds like a big deal but really isn't. Slowly but surely, he put the implants in. What was great about that was I was never without teeth. I was very, very happy with that because, aesthetically, you don't want to walk around without teeth today. Experts at this. Expert. I would recommend the Hechts to anybody that really needs this work. Anything I ask for. If I said I had a little bit of a problem, come on, come inside. Sit down in a chair. Let's talk a look. That's the kind of a dentist he is. I would say that it has given me, first of all, total confidence in myself now. I never have to worry about those plates anymore. The cleaning them at night and doing that. These teeth are in there forever. They're a perfect match to my mouth and my face. It just makes me totally worry free. I constantly had my old teeth on my mind. Should I eat this? Are they going to stick together when I open my mouth again? That fear is totally gone now. If I could, I would put a sign on my mouth, "Hey, take a look at my teeth. These are better than what God gave me." I hate to say it that way, but these are perfect teeth. And thanks to Jason Hecht, I have only him to thank for it. Their support staff is unbelievable. Jo Ann and Judy, and whoever else helps them out during the day, they make sure the job gets done. They call me to remind me for my appointments. This is the kind of service that you don't get from every dentist.

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